As Bais we manufacture and supply aerial work platform, ambulance, cleaning vehicles, crane, cranes, dump vehicles, fire fighting trucks, fuel tank vehicles, garbage vehicles, hydraulic refuse compactor truck, jetting trucks, road sweeper, street sweeper, truck mounted crane, truck mounted cranes, water tank vehicles, on-vehicle equipments, fire trucks, aerial ladder fire trucks, jetting trucks, rescue vehicles, water tanks, fuel tanks, refuse compactor boxes, vacuum trucks, articulated platforms, telescopic platforms, dumps, bodies with crane, slide platforms, on-vehicle equipment, fire truck, aerial ladder fire truck, jetting truck, rescue vehicle, water tank, fuel tank, refuse compactor box, vacuum truck, articulated platform, telescopic platform, dump, body with crane, slide platform, defense industry vehicles, refuse compactor trucks, cleaning vehicles, sweeper vehicles, fuel tank vehicles, dump vehicles, ambulances, platforms, mobile maintanence vehicles, mobile workshop vehicles, mobile fire fighting robots, fire fighting robots, narrow field fire trucks, hydraulic ladder fire trucks, special equipped fire trucks, portable ladder fire trucks, road sweeper vehicles, decontamination systems, personal protective equipments, kbrn materials, detectors, emergency response ambulances, patient transport ambulances, heavy type rescue vehicles, light type rescue vehicles, medium type rescue vehicles, defense industry vehicle, refuse compactor truck, cleaning vehicle, sweeper vehicle, fuel tank vehicle, dump vehicle, ambulance, platforms, mobile maintanence vehicle, mobile workshop vehicle, mobile fire fighting robot, fire fighting robot, narrow field fire truck, hydraulic ladder fire truck, special equipped fire truck, portable ladder fire truck... Bais Co., Inc. is founded to supply vehicles and machinery to private and public bodies. Fire fighting trucks, Ladder fire trucks, Pumps, Rescue vehicles, Industrial fire trucks and tank vehicles are manufactured. Our experts determine the installation of best Equipment for fire fighting trucks and guide the customers. Sewer cleaning and opening apparatus like Vacuum, Kuka, Combined trucks are designed in any capacity. Vehicles which provide opening of blocked channels with high pressure water pumps are manufactured. Multi-purpose vehicles are manufactured through the design of channel cleaning-opening and vacuum pump apparatus. Solid and liquid transfer vehicles, Refuse Collection Trucks, Dump Trucks and Water Tank vehicles utilized by the Municipalities and private companies are included in the manufacturing range. Dump Trucks of different capacities and models and water tank vehicles of various options depending on use area are manufactured. “We design and fabricate for special outfits in addition to standard ones.”

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